Stud-Plank® can be used in:
Nursing Homes Condominiums Life Care Facilities Urban Development Schools
Hotels / Motels Apartments Affordable Housing Dormitories Hospitals

The Stud-Plank Building System
Reduces Cost
Quicker Building Occupancy
Improves Structural Integrity

The Stud-Plank® Building System delivers the quality, value and cost effective benefits of prefabricated engineered products to the job site, through the use of prestressed hollow core concrete slabs and light weight steel framing systems.
The application of Stud-Plank® technology significantly reduces construction schedules. The ability to work off site, while the foundation is prepared, saves time and money.
Steel framed wall panels are typically welded in a controlled environment under the supervision of a quality control inspector. Fabrication of wall panels on close tolerance jig tables assures consistent quality.
Exterior wall panels may be designed in many sizes with a variety of finish treatments. Finishes may be applied in the shop if it is desired to eliminate the need for scaffolding on the job-site and avoid weather related down time. Windows may also be installed while the walls are fabricated to provide additional savings as well as improved waterproofing of the finished product.
The prefabricated wall panels and floor slabs are pre-punched to facilitate installation of electrical and mechanical equipment. Non combustible materials achieve fire rated assemblies required by local building codes.
The Stud-Plank® building system reduces the total dead load of the structure by 40% compared to conventional block and plank design, thereby reducing foundation costs. The STEEL NetworkTM provides a pre-engineered building system structual cold-formed and steel components above the foundation.
Labor and supervision on the job-site are radically reduced, providing savings by the efficient use of manpower in addition to assuring a well managed and shortened construction schedule.
The STEEL Network delivers Stud-Plank® technology to the market through a combined team effort of the concrete and steel industries leaders and local prefabricators.
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